Engineer in San Francisco, CA


Security Engineer with 4+ years of experience pentesting and securing both web and mobile applications.

Practical knowledge of common threats and exposures to web apps and services and how to find, fix, and prevent them.

Self-taught CubeSat Developer; programmed and assembled a femosatellite to be launched to Low Earth Orbit in the summer of 2022.

Experience working with product managers, designers, and privacy managers.

Over the course of my professional and academic career, I have gained knowledge and technical skills in the following areas:

Programming & Scripting Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust (currently learning), C/C++, Bash, PowerShell.

Web Technologies: Flask, NodeJS, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker

Cloud Providers: Heroku PaaS, Lambda Computing, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS LightSail.

Embedded Lab Equipment: Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, GNU/Linux (Ubuntu / Debian), macOS, FreeRTOS.

Computer Network & Protocols: Cisco switches, routers, and firewalls configuration, secure network design, TCP/IP stack, ARP, BGP, OSPF, ISIS, Ethernet, DNS, ICMP, DHCP, IPv4, LAN/WAN, subnetting.

Automation & Version Control: Ansible, Terraform, Cmake, Git.

Space Systems Protocols: UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, SpaceWire.

PC Assemble & Repair.

Venture Skills:
Technology startup scouting, diligence in early stage, and hands-on venture building.

Side Projects

Bug Hunter, Flags Capturer, Secure Coder at CTFs, Bounty Platforms, Hacker Halted

I developed broad knowledge of cybersecurity in college, as well as a fundamental understanding of systems security engineering. I have experience with the development of exploits (fuzzing, buffer overflows, etc. ), reverse engineering, attacks and mitigation methods, network protocols and secure network design. I also do operating systems internals and hardening (Windows, Linux); web application and browser security; authentication and access control; intrusion detection and prevention; incident response and forensics; development of security tools, automation, cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CCPA, GDPR, SOC 2, ISO), host and memory forensics, and malware analysis.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
San Francisco, CA

Assembly line for groundbreaking ideas.

2021 — Now
San Francisco, CA

I'm currently building SpaceSec - a space cybersecurity company.


The Business and Economics of Space W2 Cohort from ScholarSite

This cohort-based course was a two-week, intensive curriculum that combined teaching from academic research and industry knowledge.

2021 CubeSat Developers Workshop from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Understanding Cybersecurity in the Space Domain from AIAA